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Guided Tour through Thorn, the white town with a VVV tour guide

A guided tour through the historic centre of Thorn past stately monumental buildings, white-painted houses and through winding streets and alleys paved with Maas cobblestones. During the walk, the guide will elaborate on the unique history of Thorn.

Thorn was the capital of a tiny kingdom for some 800 years. This was where the ‘stiftsdames’ (canonesses) ruled and lived under the leadership of a princess abbess. Thorn had its own justice system and minted its own currency. It ended with the arrival of the French in 1794. Thorn’s historic centre with its white houses is now a preservation site.

Duration: 1 ½ hours
Maximum 20 persons per guide
Longer walks available on request.

Optional extensions:

Visit to Museum Thorn and/ or the Abbey Church
You can extend the above walk with a visit to:
• The Abbey Church: a Gothic cross basilica, dating from the 10th century, with a beautiful Baroque interior and a special group of Baroque altars.
• Museum Thorn: where the unique history of Thorn is presented through art-historical objects and modern multimedia shows.