Boat landing stages in Limburg

Mooring places

Around the Meuse in Limburg, there are a total of nine mooring places, three of these mooring places are suitable for ships up to 135 metres. The mooring places are located in Roermond (two jetties) and Thorn. The other jetties are only suitable for smaller touring boats and smaller passenger ships.

It is possible to reserve a berth for boats with more than 12 passengers. Please contact the relevant jetty owner to do so. Boat owners with their own account can reserve a date and time at the relevant jetty directly.

Booking data and technical details per jetty  

Roermond - Arlo
Neer - Hanssum
Roermond - Oolderhuuske
Roermond - Oolderhof

Map of boat landing stages in Limburg