River Cruising on the Maas

When cruising on the Maasplassen lakes in Midden-Limburg, river cruise ships are welcome to moor at jetties in the harbours of Roermond, Maasbracht and Thorn.

In Roermond the facilities for river cruise ships have been optimised. The jetties have been renewed and the possibilities for mooring adapted. There is space for two ships (with a maximum length of 135 metres per vessel) which can moor simultaneously now. Additionally, the improved infrastructure offers ample parking for large coaches and the walking routes to the city centre have been upgraded.

In Thorn and Maasbracht there is mooring space for one cruise ship with a maximum length of respectively 110 and 135 metres.

The Maas is extremely suitable for river cruise ships and an attractive addition to the existing routes across the Rhine and Waal. Feenstra, Cultural Cruises Europe and Boat Bike Tours have already discovered the charms of the Maasplassen.

The many sights in Midden-Limburg are a guarantee for an unforgettable trip. You find all information for groups, and technical information on mooring jetties in Midden-Limburg, on this website. FeenstraCultural Cruises Europe and Boat Bike Tours have discovered the profitable charmes of the River Meuse.

For more information: VVV Midden-Limburg,  +31(0)475-386300/

View or download the Rivercruise information booklet on the Meuse (river Maas).